Pixie Luxe

Pixie Luxe is a bistro with a chic and contemporary ambience providing a chilled out and relaxing atmosphere for social gatherings, after-work activities and occasionally for private functions. The innovative interior design of the outlet features ‘wall art’ by local artists aimed at showcasing local culture.

Pixie Mansion @ Chandelier

Pixie Mansion @ Chandelier is a live entertainment outlet featuring interactive live entertainment and music in a trendy, stylish and hip ambience equipped with state-of-the art lighting. Pixie Mansion @ Chandelier is conceptualised and designed to cater for customers looking for a new luxury entertainment experience.
Pixie Mansion @ Chandelier’s entertainment hall includes a stage walk way for live performances including entertainment by DJs, singers, band performances and models. The premise also includes three (3) exclusive KTV rooms for private events and functions.

Premium & Class Lifestyle

Coming Soon

Regional Expansion

As part its regional expansion plan, Pixie Group is in discussion with an entertainment group in Singapore to explore potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to penetrate into the Singapore market.
The M&A would, if implemented, increase the number of entertainment outlets as well as the profile of Pixie Group. As a result, Pixie Group plans to emerge as a regional player in the entertainment industry.

Expanding Into Premium Segment of F&B Business

To strengthen Pixie Group’s lifestyle F&B portfolio, Pixie Board intends to expand into premium segment of F&B business. Pixie is exploring collaboration opportunities to manage premium lifestyle F&B outlets in Malaysia, ranging from fine dining restaurants, cafes, lounge and bars.
The Pixie Board hopes that Pixie will be the new force in the premium lifestyle segment of F&B sector through this opportunity.

Managing Entertainment Hub

Given Pixie Board’s experience in managing entertainment businesses, Pixie Group is exploring a collaboration opportunity with a local property developer to manage a one-stop entertainment hub (Entertainment Hub) in a new township in Malaysia. The Entertainment Hub provides comprehensive entertainment services, including, amongst others, clubs, F&B outlets, karaoke lounges, spa and fitness centre. The opportunities would also allow Pixie to open another newlive entertainment outlet within the Entertainment Hub adding on to the live entertainment outlets portfolio.